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Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 2) CBS

Courtesy of, here’s a breakdown of who is getting the Broncos game this Sunday.

This Sunday the Denver Broncos will host the Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos recent history against the Colts is a bit dreadful. The Broncos beat the Colts in September 2014, but then lost to them in the Divisional Round later that season. Before the 2014 win you have to go back to January 2005 to find a Broncos win over the Colts. And even then the Colts went on to beat the Broncos a week later in the Wild Card Round.

Hopefully the 2016 Broncos can best the Colts this Sunday afternoon - and not damage any of Andrew Luck’s internal organs in the process. Peyton Manning will reportedly be in the stands during the game on Sunday - a game where banners for the Broncos three retired numbers #7, #44, and #18 will be unveiled. So for the first time in a long time Manning cannot be credited or blamed for what happens on the field in a Broncos-Colts game.

If you’re in the red, you’re getting the game on your local CBS channel. Blue is getting Atlanta@Oakland, Green Jacksonville@San Diego, and Grey gets no game due to local team at home on Fox.

You can find all the broadcast maps for Week 2 of the NFL at

The Broncos are 12-13 verses the Colts all-time. Kickoff is scheduled for September 18th at 2:25 PM MT on CBS.

Go Broncos!