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Thursday Night Football: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills - Live Blog

The Buffalo Bills play host to the New York Jets in an AFC East division showdown on Thursday Night Football.

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Already just one week into the regular season, the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets sit at the bottom of the division behind the New England Patriots. If the Miami Dolphins can shock the Patriots on Sunday, then one of these teams could find themselves right back in it.

The Jets had a good week offensively against the Cincinnati Bengals, while the Bills were completely inept against the Baltimore Ravens, but both teams came up with a loss to start the year.

As I noted in my NFL Picks post earlier today, I think Rex Ryan continues to have his way with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills frustrate the Jets to get their first win of the year.

Prediction: Bills 17, Jets 13

Jets vs Bills Live

Twitter has a way for you to watch online tonight. Visit either Moments in the App or for the live online game stream!