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Horse Tracks: HOF presenter Jeff Legwold demonstrates passion for Broncos, candidates

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is not for the Denver Broncos. Like it or not, that's the reality that exists for Broncos Country's greatest players. It's an injustice, a travesty, and it has to come to an end.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you keeping score, that's two fewer players than the Denver Broncos have Super Bowl appearances.

Every year Broncos fans get their hopes up and then, the day before the Super Bowl, are reminded that Super Bowl Championships, AFC Championships, traditions of winning that span decades, and perennial selections to the Pro Bowl mean nothing when it comes to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The case has been made time and time again that it's the process that's unfair to the Broncos. While pointing a finger at an amorphous blob of disrespectful writers may make some folks feel better, that comfort has grown cold.  In August of 2015, I posed the question that maybe it was time to hold the Broncos presenter, Jeff Legwold, responsible for the failures of the committee to recognize the NFL's greatest players who were unfortunate enough to play for the Denver Broncos.

So here's the question: Is it out of bounds for Broncos fans to critically look at Legwold's efforts? The man clearly has passion for the Broncos and the city of Denver. If more Hall of Fame finalists fail to become Hall of Famers how should Broncos fans view his role in the process? Is it fair to even ask these questions? Should Hall of Fame voters be scrutinized by the teams, players, and fans they represent in the selection process? What does Terrell Davis think? I wonder.

When Pat Bowlen was passed over by the HOF Contributor Selection committee, Broncos fans were outraged... as they are every time this happens. How was this outrage met?

Where was the outrage? Where was the passion?

Needless to say, I was less than thrilled and I wasn't alone. Take a moment and look through the comments of the post in which Mile High Report announced that Mr. B. was passed over in favor of Jerry Jones and Paul Tagliabue. Broncos Country was furious

We can blame the process or the other writers, but other teams seem to have no problem getting their guys in year after year. How about another Viking with zero championships? Let's get Keyshawn and TO in there! Slow your roll, Terrell Davis! We know you got two championships, 2,000 yards, Super Bowl MVP, and league MVP, but there's a guy who loves him some him aaaaand he once signed a touchdown ball with a shapie from his sock, so... you know. I'm sure you'll get in next year... Next year.... Next year... Next year... as a Senior Committee selection.... and so on.

...but things may be changing.

Wednesday, the initial list of 94 Hall of Fame candidates was released and there were 8 Denver Broncos on it. On Thursday, Legwold fired off these tweets.

This is what Broncos Country wants to see, a demonstrated awareness of the problem. I don't doubt for a second that Legwold takes his job as a presenter seriously and is passionate in his presentations. As fans locked outside that room, we need to see more tweets like these that show his outrage for the system that somehow manages to sift former Broncos out of consideration on a regular basis.

My father always told me that sometimes you got to stand up on your hind legs and make an ass of yourself to get people's attention. Good on you to make some noise on Thursday, Jeff! Keep it up! The Super Bowl is four and a half months away and I urge you to stay mad and keep tweeting!


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