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Bradley Roby: 'You have to cover longer on the back end' against Andrew Luck

The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro caught up with Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby to talk Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

With the Denver Broncos hosting the Indianapolis Colts, all eyes will be on Andrew Luck as he faces off against the NFL's best defense. Luck has had plenty of success against this defense, unlike other top tier quarterbacks. Bradley Roby spoke with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive on Thursday to talk about it.

It was a good interview. Roby correctly noted that he and the rest of the No Fly Zone would have to cover longer and the defense line absolutely has to get pressure on Luck or he would pick them apart as he did in their last matchup.

The Broncos defense encountered some struggles against the Carolina Panthers in their first game, so the big question this week is whether or not those issues are correctable against another significant test in Week 2.

Bonus Listen

Speaking of weaknesses, Eric and Les posed the question of whether or not this team has a weakness. On defense, the weaknesses continue to be pass catching tight ends and running backs catching balls out of the backfield. However, a new problem appears to be the interior run defense.