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Broncos get no love from the oddsmakers

Seems to be a theme for Denver and we’re only in Week Two. Goodman and Shapiro discussed this Friday on The Afternoon Drive.

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos, for the second time, defeated the favored Carolina Panthers and MVP of the NFL Cam Newton. Both times, Ron Rivera morphed into a teething toddler. Seriously, will someone get this guy a pacifier? But I digress.

Back on point: You would think that would wake people up to the fact that, yes, Gary Kubiak and the Broncos are for real. That defense, despite all of the prognostications, is still damn good. And while questions remain at quarterback, the offensive line and running game for Denver was impressive in the opener.

So Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive asked the question, “So why are the Broncos still 25-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl?” My initial thought is because the oddsmakers are morons. Just look at ESPN’s power rankings this week when it still had Carolina above the Broncos. Remember: You can’t fix stupid.

The best guess is the oddmakers put way too much emphasis on the quarterback. As is the case with the ESPNs of the world, you’re left to wonder if they even watch the games.

At the same time, it’s only Week Two. Nothing will change after Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts (unless Denver loses), but the real test will come Week Three in the Queen City against the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s not to say this game on Sunday is a breeze, just that nothing will change in the eyes of ESPN or the oddsmakers.

Bonus listen: MHR’s Tim Lynch joined the show for a rundown on Broncos and Colts.