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Trevor Siemian will have a chance to shine

Is this the week that the Denver Broncos break the short losing streak against the Indianapolis Colts. The time seems right for Trevor Siemian to really prove this is his time to shine. Ian St. Clair and I discussed several things, and the Broncos QB was a big topic on MHR Radio.

In looking at the upcoming game against the Colts, the biggest question mark has to be the starting quarterback. Give Siemian the credit he is due. He led the Broncos to a victory over the defending NFC champions. It was a revenge game, and Siemian was able to overcome some early mistakes to come away with a win in the first game of the season.

However, now that the season is underway, it is time to move past the game that has been in the minds of the Broncos for five months, and look at the rest of the league. Siemian has a chance to really solidify his spot as the Broncos leader by coming up big against a banged up Colts defense.

Vontae Davis will be sidelined, and the Colts defense played like swiss cheese in a fondue pot agains the Detroit Lions. All the melty goodness aside, the Broncos are certainly going to look to dominate the trenches, and run the ball. The run game should find some success, and that should open up some options in the passing game.

Can the Broncos signal caller take advantage? Mistakes can lead to quarterbacks retreating into the shell of dink and dunk. Playing it safe is not a terrible game plan for a back up QB, but Siemian must take charge. Demaryius Thomas may be banged up, but Emmanuel Sanders and Virgil Green should find a lot of open space in the secondary. It will be on Siemian to have the confidence to make the big plays downfield.

It is hard to pick against the Broncos in this game. The Defense will likely carry the load again, and I have predicted a big game. I see three take-aways, which should lead to big points. The points will rest in Siemian’s hands. If he can have a big game he can prove to the haters that he is the best option at QB. If not, it may be time for the rookie to warm up his cannon.