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Trevor Siemian yet to inspire confidence

It was not pretty, but it was a win. The defense saved the day, yet again, but where do the Broncos go from here? This was Trevor Siemian’s opportunity to really solidify his hold on the quarterback spot. It doesn’t feel as solid right now.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Trevor Siemian is 2-0 as a starter. That must feel nice. Does he really get credit for that? It feels more like the defense deserves the wins, and the offense is just along for the ride. And I know Siemian is young, but is that really a good enough excuse?

After two games, it is easy to look at Siemian and see that he can win football games. He is undefeated, after all. But it would be difficult to make the argument that he was the reason for those wins. And the frustration is only expounded by how good the defense is.

Watching Von Miller ice the game against the Indianapolis Colts was great. It would have been even better if the offense could have just put the game away. Siemian showed his inexperience, and he showed he might be more Orton-esque than Denver Broncos fans would like.

Between the 30’s Siemian seems to have a grasp on the offense. As the play gets tighter, he tightens up. His throws look forced, and he becomes predictable. If it hadn’t been for a blown hamstring, Darius Butler would have been waltzing into the end zone on simple screen that he jumped.

The quarterback has to be th position that carries the team. Miller and the rest of the defense know what they must do to win, but relying on Siemian feels like a losing prospect. Two games in a row have seen him fail to protect the football. He was supposed to be the option that was going to protect the ball. When is that going to start?

I hate coming out of a win feeling like it was undeserved. The offense just does not inspire confidence, and that starts under center. And I can hear the Siemianites already, “He won the game,” and, “he’s still young, give him time,” and, “have patience, he looked good, just a couple mistakes.” Those mistakes almost cost the team a win. It can’t continue. And neither can the excuses.

If Siemian continues to be underwhelming, the cry for Paxton Lynch will only continue to grow louder.

With a first round draft pick waiting in the wings, Siemian can’t just be… meh. He has to motivate his teammates. Field goals won’t be enough, and defenses don’t always have the ball bounce their way. The offense is going to have to do their part. Trevor Siemian must become a better quarterback, or it will be Paxton Lynch’s team in a heartbeat.