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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos alone in the AFC West at 2-0

Mondays are awesome after a Broncos win. Denver is alone at the top of the AFC West and there's plenty to be excited about. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started.

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Midway through the third quarter, I turned to my buddy and said, "it's going to be another year like last year, isn't it?" We should all hope so... but can our hearts take another year like that?

In yet another close one, the Denver defense crushed, squashed, stymied, and stomped on the 2012 first overall pick in the draft. For the first time in my life, I feel sorry for an opposing offense when they get a first down. The punishment that these quarterbacks are taking at the hands of the Denver defense is remarkable. If we, as fans, are feeling the intimidation factor this unit is dishing out, imagine what it's like to be on the field up close and personal to Von's gyrating midsection? Teams know Denver is going to bring the pain and have fun doing it. That has to be absolutely terrifying.

Offensively, I'm beginning to get a little worried. The turnovers and near turnovers need to stop. The movement between the twenties is outstanding, but the constipated production inside of them is upsetting. Trevor needs to lose himself on the field and not think so much when scoring becomes a real possibility. It will be interesting to see how he does when the Broncos are on the road and the crowds are hostile. That said, in the end, the Broncos had more points than the Colts and it's due in large part to the play of the offense. Well done.

Around the league things are favorably shaking out for the Broncos. Seattle Seahawk fans have got to be panicking. The Denver defense has more touchdowns than the Seahawks offense. The Patriots are so deep in their quarterback depth chart that they're likely to start an unknown 3rd stringer on Thursday night at home against the Houston Texans. The Carolina Panthers can finally stop whining with their win over San Francisco.

In the AFC West, the San Diego Chargers held it together for two halves and got their first win of the 2016 season over Jacksonville. The Chiefs and Raiders fell to 1-1 against Houston and Atlanta respectively. That leaves the Denver Broncos alone at the top of the AFC West standings at 2-0. Despite all preseason posturing by the NFL pundit-ocracy, the Broncos are, still, better than the credit reluctantly given to them.


Colts fans are mad. They should be. From ownership, general manager, to coach, to the officials, there is plenty of blame to go around. Just look at the comment section of this article. Colts vs. Broncos final score: Colts fall to Broncos 34-20 after miserable offensive day - Stampede Blue

If Colts fans' reaction on our sister-blog Stampede Blue wasn't an indication, the local paper is pushing the panic button themselves. Insider: Is it time to panic about the Colts? | IndyStar

The story of Sunday's game was, indeed, not one of offense, but of defense. Von Miller, Broncos defense batter Andrew Luck on the way to 2-0 start | FOX Sports

You know who noticed the Broncos win over Indianapolis? Hamilton. Ontario? Canada. Denver's defense dominates again in 34-20 win over Indy | Hamilton Spectator

Who's ready for a blowout win? I am. However, I'll take a win any way the Broncos can get it. These Broncos specialize in wins like this | Denver Broncos

The media loves themselves some Trevor Siemian. He makes me nervous as heck, but a win is a win. Denver Broncos turn Trevor Siemian loose in win over Colts - Denver Broncos Blog- ESPN

More on Siemian. From the pocket: Trevor Siemian encouraged by progress in Week 2 win | Denver Broncos

Demaryius Thomas voiced what every Broncos fan was thinking following Sunday's game. Demaryius Thomas: 'We're gonna need more offense' -

Despite glaring drops like the ones that dogged him throughout last season, Demaryius Thomas ascended on the list of all-time great Broncos wide receivers. Demaryius Thomas passes Ed McCaffrey on career receptions list | Denver Broncos

Aqib Talib ascended on a list of his own, sharing numbers now with Dion Sanders. With ninth career pick-six, Aqib Talib shares common ground with his idol | Denver Broncos

Kudos for Talib for his pick-6 on Sunday. With that, he becomes the Broncos all-time leader for interceptions returned for touchdowns. Not bad! Victory speech: Colts game

More importantly, Talib looks like he'll skirt league discipline with regard to foolishness with or around guns over the the summer. Aqib Talib not expected to face league discipline from shooting | ProFootballTalk

Andrew Mason re-examined his keys to the game in this weekly feature, 'Three Keys Unlocked.' Three Keys Unlocked: Broncos 34, Colts 20 | Denver Broncos

With today's NFL, expect Von Miller's helmet to receive a hefty fine from the league office. Ware suffers fractured arm on Von Miller's helmet |

More on Ware's forearm fracture from ESPN. DeMarcus Ware of Denver Broncos fractures forearm in victory | ESPN

Other injuries to Chris Harris and Donald Stephenson were notable. Injury updates vs. Colts: Donald Stephenson, DeMarcus Ware exit | Denver Broncos

I love seeing the Broncos honor their past. In week one, the Broncos unveiled Super Bowl signage. In week two, the Broncos finally showcased their retired numbers in a manner consistent with the world class organization they are. Pretty awesome. Broncos unveil retired numbers tribute in pregame ceremony | Denver Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs snapped their one game winning streak on Sunday. In other news, one game constitutes a 'win streak' in Missouri. Chiefs snap win streak, fall to Texans 19-12 - Chiefs Digest

Despite their loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Oakland still finds themselves in rarefied air at .500 for the season just two games in. Keep shooting for the stars, Raiders! Falcons close strong, beat Raiders 35-28 | ProFootballTalk

Roger Goodell is posturing despite all reports to the contrary. Roger Goodell warns that Raiders' potential move to Vegas is far from done deal | FOX Sports

The San Diego Chargers whooped up on Jacksonville. Apparently, the collapse they endured in week one stuck with them. No second half fade for Chargers this week | ProFootballTalk

The Patriots miracle run with Jimmy G is over. Enter Jacoby 'Limp Brisket' Brissett. Jimmy Garoppolo reportedly could miss up to six weeks with shoulder injury -

Vegas is not on-board the Limp Brisket bandwagon. NFL Week 3 early odds: Patriots are home dogs, Packers favored big -

...and who would come in were Limp Brisket to get injured? Right now, it would be Julian Edelman. Expect the Pats to sign someone as early as Monday morning. 6 quarterbacks the New England Patriots could sign | FOX Sports

Bengals fans are justifiably upset over this fumble call that led to their undoing in the fourth quarter on Sunday's game against the Steelers. Controversial fourth quarter fumble call helps Steelers hold off driving Bengals -

The Ravens are now the first team to return an extra point for two points. Ravens return blocked extra point for score against the Browns | FOX Sports

It's never a good sign when a team holds a players-only meeting in week two. Rams held players-only meeting ahead of win -

However, the meeting appeared to work. Welcome back: Los Angeles Rams pull off stunning win in home opener | Yahoo Sports

Forget 'Beastmode' it's got to be full-on 'panic-mode' in Seattle. The Broncos defense has more touchdowns than the Seahawks offense so far this year. The reason behind the Seahawks offense'€™s sluggish start to 2016 | FOX Sports

Tony Romo sighting in Dallas. Tony Romo reportedly throws in pregame warmups before Cowboys win | FOX Sports

The Cardinals rebounded from their abysmal effort against the Patriots in week one with a crushing defeat of the Buccaneers. Sorting the Sunday Pile: Cardinals deliver big message with blowout win -

Poor Jameis Winston got his chain ripped off in the loss on Sunday. Probably should leave that sort of thing in your locker. Watch Jameis Winston get his gold chain ripped off during on-field scuffle | FOX Sports

Washington players are not liking what they're seeing from Kirk Cousins. Redskins players are reportedly complaining about the play of Kirk Cousins -

The Minnesota Vikings opened their new stadium with a tribute to Prince. Minnesota Vikings honor Prince with special halftime ceremony | FOX Sports

Newly acquired quarterback Sam Bradford impressed on Sunday night. Dominant Sam Bradford outplays Aaron Rodgers in Vikings debut: 8 takeaways -

It helps that there are players stepping up to catch the balls that Bradford throws. Stefon Diggs' career night propels Vikings past Packers -

The Vikings victory over the Packers did not come without cost. Injury update: Adrian Peterson, six other key running backs hurt in brutal Week 2 -

How pumped is Wade Phillips? Lady Gaga rumored to perform the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show - Houston Chronicle

The New York Post had an interesting article about marijuana use and the NFL. Jake Plummer makes an appearance. ‘I played stoned’: Some NFL players love getting high before kickoff | New York Post

Lastly, here are some pictures of cheerleaders. What team is at the top of the list? Go Broncos. NFL cheerleaders in pictures -- Week 2 | FOX Sports