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Tracking every Broncos roster cut

To get to the final 53-man roster, the Denver Broncos must release 22 players by Saturday afternoon.

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals

The official deadline is Saturday at 2 p.m. Mile High time, but Gary Kubiak alluded after the game on Thursday that he intends to get most of the cut done first thing Friday morning.

“I don’t think we have to do things until Saturday, but John (Elway) and I plan on doing most of our work tomorrow morning with these kids,” Kubiak said of finalizing the roster. “We’ll get back pretty darn late tonight, but it will be a lot of work to do tomorrow morning. We’ve got to switch our gears and get going onto Carolina.”

We’ll get the updates in on Mile High Report as fast as we can. All updates will be put into our tracker stream.

UPDATE: New tracker post for Saturday located here.