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Kubiak says Broncos edge rusher Von Miller is "as good as I've ever seen"

Von Miller is picking up where he left off last season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos All-Pro and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller is picking up right where he left off during his impressive postseason run.

As we know, Miller won the Super Bowl 50 MVP and totaled 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 interception in three postseason games for the Broncos. This performance earned Von Miller a six-year, $114.5 million dollar contract which made him the highest paid defensive player in the league.

Von sat out most of the offseason and was eased into Training Camp and the Preseason, but Von didn't miss a beat this summer and carried that over into the regular season. Now after two regular-season games in the books, Von Miller already has a league leading 4 sacks.

Another awesome stat came from's Andrew Mason. According to Mase, Miller has totaled 10 sacks over his last 6 games(including the playoffs). That pace over 16 games would come out to be 26.5 sacks.

Von's recent success earned him some very high praise from the Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak. He said that Von is "good as I've ever seen".

"He’s as good as I’ve ever seen. He affects the game amazingly. When you get somebody in a situation where you know they have to throw and they have to get people out, which they were having to do late in the game. They chip Von a lot and did some of those things. As long as the game is a one-score game, you can do things like that. When you get behind, you can’t. When people can’t do that, he’s as dangerous as he can possibly be."

Von Miller is dangerous and is also receiving praise from the people at Pro Football Focus.

According to Pro Football Focus, Von Miller is converting over 50% of his pressures into sacks so far this season.

The offseason holdout doesn’t seem to have affected the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s performance, as OLB Von Miller made mincemeat of the Colts’ offensive line, logging four sacks, an additional three QB hurries, and a batted pass. Miller didn’t make much of an impact in the run game, but he provided the play of the afternoon with his strip sack of Andrew Luck that sealed the game for the Broncos. With a pass-rushing productivity mark of 17.0, Miller is converting a ridiculous 55.6 percent of his pressures into sacks this season, as he now has five sacks and four hurries through two games.

(Note: PFF saying Von has 5 sacks is explained here. I'll take the extra sack for Von lol)

So Von has been pretty damn dominant this year, and could be eyeing the NFL sack record which is held by former New York Giants great Michael Strahan at 22.5 sacks.

Well, with Von having 4 sacks after two games, he is on pace for a ridiculous 32 sacks this year. Obviously, that's likely not going to happen, but if he continues this hot streak through the entire 2016 NFL season, he could certainly push for it.

Also keep in mind that he totaled these four sacks against arguably the two hardest quarterbacks in the league to sack in Cam Newton and Andrew Luck. Both are very big, strong, and elusive which makes them hard to get to and bring down. Von Miller has four sacks after facing these. Imagine the success he will have against the less mobile and talented quarterbacks in the league? We have Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, Phillip Rivers and Brent Osweiler coming up next.

The sack record should be reachable for Von Miller.

Oh, and one last sidenote here. Remember all that offseason talk that said Raiders defensive end/edge rusher Khalil Mack was better than Von Miller? Von has 4 sacks and Mack has 0. A big goose egg.

Go Broncos!