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CHJ: Broncos’ No Fly Zone needs more INTs

And what Broncos’ fan is going to argue with that?

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Chris Harris Jr. and the Broncos know that although they’ve had two big tests against two of the league’s best quarterbacks, they’ve got another one this weekend on the road in Cincinnati.

“We know the Bengals are always tough. It’s a huge game on the road, and you always want to start off on the road with a win,” Harris Jr. said, adding that the Bengals have experience playing well against the Broncos. “It’s going to be a tough game.”

But the once-undrafted-free-agent-turned-two-time-Pro-Bowler believes the defense will be up to the test - because believe it or not, the Orange Rush + No Fly Zone is going to be better than last season.

“Being 2-0 is huge, a great start, but we feel like we still haven’t played up to our caliber as a team yet,” Harris Jr. said. “We’ve still got a lot of growth, and I’m just excited for this team because we’re definitely ahead of where we were last year.”

Part of that “not playing up to potential yet” is in the interceptions department. CHJ had one against the Panthers and Aqib Talib grabbed a pick-six against the Colts, but No. 25 doesn’t think that’s enough for the No Fly Zone.

“No, we need to get a few more,” he said, noting that a lot of teams are not as aggressive on offense against the Broncos. “So we know we have to create those takeaways.”

Although CHJ and Talib don’t “compete” for the takeaways, they definitely work off each other.

“When I make plays, it helps [Talib] get more,” he said. “Nobody has more of a duo to change the game than the two of us. That’s what I love about this team - every week could be somebody’s week to make that game-changing play.”

“Needing a few more” of those game-changing plays made me curious about last year, and I was astounded to remember that between our first two games last season we had seven - SEVEN - takeaways already, compared to just three so far this season - the two interceptions and one very awesome forced fumble.

I completely agree that this defense looks better than last year overall, but I’m also going to agree with CHJ that the No Fly Zone needs to grab a few more :)

Bonus Listen

Chad Brown is pretty confident in Trevor Siemian as the starter and definitely sees him as the quarterback for “the foreseeable future.”

Skew that however you want, but it was a lame duck question. The better part of the interview is when Brown admits he is jealous of Von Miller’s talent.