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Horse Tracks: The other Brandon Marshall reflects

Peter King had a phenomenal article and interview with the NY Jets' Brandon Marshall. In it he talks about his past a lot and it is definitely worth a listen.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Marshall left the team back during one of the darker periods of Denver Bronco history. Controversy was the order of the day in every level of the team.

I found it really refreshing to hear a guy talk about the past and own up to his shortcomings. In today's ego driven world, we all like to talk big, walk big, and hide all the weaknesses we may have. It takes a real man for a guy like Marshall to open up and say, "I didn't get it...and I owe some apologies."

Give it a read and a listen. It is the lead-off article today included in the Broncos news for reasons you'll understand if you listen to the interview.

Also as a fan of the Broncos who watched Brandon Marshall and wrote about him, let me say this:

I'm so proud of the player you have grown into. All of us grow day by day and I want to thank you for doing so when the lights are the brightest and everyone is watching. Good luck on your season and know many of us here in Denver still cheer you on big time when you aren't lined up against us.

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