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Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 3) CBS

Courtesy of, here is a breakdown of who is getting the Broncos game this Sunday.

This Sunday the Denver Broncos play their first road game and their first of four early games this season. If you’re in the RED you’re getting the Denver @ Cincinnati game on your local CBS station. BLUE is getting Cleveland @ Miami, GREEN Oakland @ Tennessee, YELLOW Baltimore @ Jacksonville, and GREY gets no game due to local team at home on Fox.

You can check out all the broadcast maps for Week 3 here.

This game will be a great test for the Broncos offense, which has had the benefit of a lot of silence in their first two games at home. With such a new offense, with multiple new players, I don’t think it can be said enough how important it was for the Broncos to play their first two games at home to help build chemistry. At the very least it didn’t hurt!

This will be the first Broncos game this season I will watch at home and not in the stadium. I love sitting in the south stands and cheering on the Broncos surrounded by fellow fans - some I have sat next to for years, others who are there for just this game. But this Sunday I will enjoy being in control of who I watch the game with. Because whether you are at the stadium, in a bar, or at friends house there are always those fans that drive you crazy. The ones you hope leave at halftime and never come back.

So here’s a list of the fans I love to watch the game with and those I can’t stand.

Fans I love

Broncos fans (obviously)

The “encyclopedia” - the fan who knows everyone’s number, where everyone played in college, and everyone’s injury history

People who share their yummy food (I think this is self explanatory)

Fans of opposing teams who just want to see a good game - super fun to chat with these people

Kids who are seeing their first NFL football game - even if they have no interest in the game they are usually adorable and fun to chat with

Fans I could do without

Drunks (also self explanatory)

Fans of opposing teams who spend the entire game trashing the Broncos, Broncos fans, John Elway, Denver, the high altitude, the sun, puppies . . . Bonus points to people who wear Patriots or Seahawks jerseys to Broncos home games. I have already seen both this year.

The non-stop “know it alls” - “I knew that guy was trash when Elway drafted him”, “It was just a matter of time until he fumbled again”, “I’ve been saying for weeks that guy had no business being out there”, “If they put ___ in we would be winning this game” Nobody cares. Or at least I don’t.

Who do you love or hate to watch games with? Let us know in the comments.

The Broncos are 20-9 against the Bengals all-time. Kickoff is schedules for 11am MT on CBS.