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Broncos Bengals predictions: Tough road game awaits the Broncos

Not every MHR staffer is picking the Broncos to win on Sunday (and no, that doesn’t mean they hate the Broncos). Warning: Video may contain language not suitable for all audiences.

The Mile High Report staff, along with Brandon Perna from That's Good Broncos, gives their score predictions for the NFL Week 3 matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Cincinnati Bengals. This is the Broncos first away game, and a tough challenge in general.

Most staffers predict a tight score and a few think this Sunday will be the Broncos first loss. The consensus comes to Broncos 17, Bengals 16.

Broncos 17, Bengals 16

This is Trevor Siemian's biggest test so far on the road against a very good Cincinnati Bengals secondary. I don't think he is quite ready for this one, but the Denver Broncos have a fairly stout defense of their own, so this game could go either way. There's just no way I am picking against the Broncos, though. 17-16 Denver is the final here. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 19, Bengals 17

Denver's defense has yet to allow over 20 points in a game so far, and it won't change this week. Look for the interior rush to get after Andy Dalton and Wade to use a variety of stunts to bring the pressure. On offense, Siemian needs to be on his A-game. This is the best secondary he's faced yet, and will be in a hostile environment for the first time. In the end I think it's a struggle and this game does nothing to alleviate the concerns about the offense, but we'll come away with a hard-fought win against a tough team. - Jeff Essary

Broncos 17, Bengals 14

Like my colleagues, I can't pick against the Broncos. The defense will stifle Andy Dalton and Green, but I have a bad feeling about the Broncos offense in this match up. Particularly the offense in the air. This will be another week without a passing touchdown, I'm afraid. - Kelly Fleming

Broncos 17, Bengals 27

Cincinnati is one of the few teams on our schedule that are as well-rounded as we are. The big advantage they have over us is having an actual experience QB under center. We've benefited from a couple of home games so far, but won't have that luxury this week. I said this off-season we'd lose to the Bengals and I haven't seen anything that changes my prediction. - Sadaraine

Broncos 17, Bengals 10

The Broncos' defense will continue to play with a chip on its shoulder, but so will Cincinnati's defense. This will be far from a shootout. Andy Dalton will try an locate AJ Green, but the No Fly Zone will keep the Bengals' offense grounded, and Von Miller will terrorize the Red Rider BB Gun. There is no reason to think the defense will give up more than one or two scores. The offense may not light the world on fire, but Trevor Siemian will play a safe and consistent game. The defense will win the field position battle, which will lead to CJ Anderson having a big game. You might even see Demaryius Thomas finally reach the end zone. 17-10 Broncos in The Queen City. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 20, Bengals 17

That Bengals secondary is something formidable, right? Though, Denver did not come all of this way for second place and this game will not disturb that destiny. Nearly 80% of Cincinnati's production on offense has come through the air, the NFL has called for the #NoFlyZone to provide protection over the skies of Cincinnati early Sunday afternoon and what kind of men would the Broncos be to deny a city in need of defense? Look for Giovanni Bernard to be one of the bright spots on offense for the Bengals and look for Denver's offense to revolve predominantly around halfback passes (where the Bengals have been gashed through two weeks in the absence of Vontaze Burfict). Expect Von Miller to tack two more sacks on to his MVP candidacy (he only has 10 over the last 6 weeks), for Derek Wolfe to continue his dominance against Cincinnati in tackles for losses and Jeff Heuerman to host his coming out party somewhere near one or both of the Bengals' end zones. Don't expect much from Trevor Siemian, but then again, why would you. It's only the third start of his career. - Ian Henson

Broncos 13, Bengals 17

Since the schedule came out, I marked this game as one of the toughest on the Broncos' schedule. That's supported by the fact the Bengals haven't lost at home in September in five years. That doesn't change on Sunday. This is the most complete defense Denver has faced, in its home opener on the heels of a tough divisional loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Everyone knows the Broncos defense is the equalizer, but that unit won't be able to bail out another poor offensive showing. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 20, Bengals 13

The Broncos defense thinks it is the "offense" and I expect it to fulfill that destiny once again Sunday as the NoFlyZone wreaks havoc down field since Andy Dalton will be terrified of the Vonster rush attack coming for him all day long. And what Von Miller or the secondary don't take away, Derek Wolfe will spoil in the middle. The defense will hunt in the jungle and keep the path open for the offense to just be smart, likely conservative, but pound it out on the ground behind its secret weapon, Hammerhead (aka, Andy "Manovich" Janovich). - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Broncos 12, Bengals 10

I have a hard time seeing how this game won’t be a close one. While I do believe the Broncos offense will improve, I don’t see it happening in their first road game without Donald Stephenson and Virgil Green. I predict a field goal from the offense, a defensive touchdown, and a safety - because why not? - Amy Richau

What’s your score prediction for the game Broncos Country?