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Broncos can’t be conservative in Cincinnati

The Denver Broncos sit at 2-0. With all the offensive struggles, the big question has to be about the play calling. Will Gary Kubiak open up the playbook, or is the play calling going to remain Dan Reeves-esque? And give a listen to MHR Radio with Adam Malnati and Ian St. Clair.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of take aways from the Broncos first two games. The big win against Carolina was a great way to start the season. The Colts game ended up being a lot less impressive than Broncos Country expected. You are welcome to argue about the quarterback situation if you want to. Maybe the problem is the play calling.

The knock on the start of the 2016 season has been the ineffective play of the Broncos in the red zone. It might have something to do with Trevor Siemian, or it could just be the play calling. The stats on Siemian are less than stellar in the red zone, but is it possible that Gary Kubiak is to blame?

Conservative play calling may be the most impactful reason that the Broncos can’t seem to cross the goal line. I’m not sure Kubiak is to blame, as he and Rick Dennison are calling plays that should accentuate the talents of his players. However, it sure would be nice to see a little more risk taking.

That does not mean the Broncos should risk more turnovers. And it certainly does not imply that playing with reckless abandon is the right way to do things. It does mean calling plays that are more likely to end in points is essential to the success of the Denver Broncos. The defense may be great, but the law of averages has a tendency to work out.

As the Broncos head into another tough test, points will be at a premium. Both of these defenses will be playing with the chip firmly on their shoulder. The winner of this Week Three match-up will likely be the team that can find a way to score in a tough defensive battle.

Defensive scores are fun, but they aren’t the likeliest of events. While Aqib Talib has a nose for the end zone, and Von Miller seems to enjoy getting the strip sack so a teammate can score, it can’t happen every week.

The offense needs to put up some points. The play calling between the 30s has been great. Now it should be time to open up the playbook and see what Siemian can do. He has weapons all over the field. The running attack should be on point, and that should open up the pass. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders have voiced their opinions. They want the ball. An away game against a well-rounded Cincinnati defense might be the best way to open up the passing attack.

Siemian has had some success in the passing game. Week Three seems like the perfect time to build on that limited success, and maybe even get his touchdown total even with his INTs. Open up the play book, Kubiak. Enough with the Dan Reeves conservatism.