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Broncos clutch play of the game: Trevor Siemian to Demaryius Thomas for the win

The Denver Broncos clutch play of the game was a third down a long 55-yard bomb from Trevor Siemian to Demaryius Thomas.

The Denver Broncos played a tough road game against the Cincinnati Bengals until the fourth quarter where Trevor Siemian took over. This 55-yard touchdown strike to Demaryius Thomas is your clutch play of the game.

With the game very much in doubt halfway through the fourth quarter, the Broncos faced a third and eleven from their own 45-yard line. The Bengals defense clearly expected a draw play as that had been Gary Kubiak’s M.O. through three games with Siemian at quarterback.

Instead, Thomas got one-on-one coverage outside. You like that situation every single time and DT made a great catch in tight coverage to walk into the end zone.

Siemian fooled everyone and hung in there until the perfect moment to release the ball. The pass landed right where Thomas needed it to be. Great play. Clutch moment for a young quarterback.

This play sealed the deal for the Broncos and put them up 29-17 where they would stay. The fourth quarter touchdown sealed the victory and put the Broncos at 3-0 on the season.

We are working on a full breakdown of all four of Siemian’s touchdowns and should have that available later.

What. A. Game!