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The Broncos offense can go to 11

Maybe it isn’t true, but I would like to think that Gary Kubiak opened up his laptop on Sunday morning, clicked on his saved Mile High Report link, read my article, and decided to change the game plan. Don’t ruin it for me. That’s a possibility, right?

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos (3-0) did exactly what some have been waiting for all season. They got a win because of the offense, not despite of it. It was a well executed game plan. Gary Kubiak let his young quarterback do some slinging, and Trevor Siemian did not disappoint.

The elephant in the room is obviously the consternation that has been a big part of the discussions around the Broncos quarterback situation. It was nice to see Siemian play a solid game, push the ball up the field, and not turn it over. I have certainly been critical of his play, waiting for some inspiration. Well, consider me inspired today.

And that goes double for Kubiak and Rick Dennison. When Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders went to the media to voice their displeasure at the offensive production it may have seemed like a bad move. But they are the unquestioned leaders of that unit, and the message was received. Kubiak dialed it up.

It was a little rocky at the beginning. Siemian missed some throws he hadn’t missed. Short and intermediate. Credit to Kubiak, as he continued to push the ball down field. There was a mismatch out there when Sanders was covered by Adam Jones. Siemian’s bomb was exactly what the doctor ordered. Thomas, who fumbled early, got into the act later with another long touchdown reception. Both receivers had great games.

There was no doubt that this was one of the toughest games on the Broncos early schedule. They faced a team that had not lost at home in September in five years. And what did the Kubiak do? He put the game on his 7th round draft pick, 2nd year quarterback, first time starting on the road. He believed in him. The Broncos believe in him. And now this skeptic is coming around, too.

After the first two games, being 2-0 felt more like a gift of fortune. The Broncos were a missed Gano field goal and a blown hamstring away from possibly being 0-2 coming into Sunday’s affair. 3-0 does not feel like luck. That win was earned. The defense struggled at times but still made the big plays when necessary.

The offense turned it up to 11 this week, just like Spinal Tap’s amps. They owned that win.

Way to go Kubes. Just what the doctor ordered.