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Game Balls for Trevor Siemian and some other guys you may have heard of

When the Denver Broncos win, the Mile High Report staff gives out game balls to the games marquee players.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos had plenty of playmakers in their 29-17 road victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, but the headline game balls certainly goes to Trevor Siemian who had his best game of his short career this past Sunday.

We all give out game balls, but no doubling up. We’ll lead with the man of the hour today.

Trevor Siemian

Entering the game I thought this would be a stinker for him and the way things started off, it sure looked like it. He was inaccurate, and the Bengals dropped two gimme interceptions. When they entered the half, I was in full Siemian-hate mode(I'm sure many of you saw it) but Trevor came out and shut me up.

Trevor came out on fire and was basically perfect in the 2nd half. Two touchdowns and one long very good go ahead touchdown drive. It was really a tale of two halves for Siemian.

You won't hear any hate from me about Siemian this week. He earned it and hopefully this continues. Give me a plate full of crow if/when he does.

Broncos are 3-0, Siemian just dropped 4 TDs on the Bengals and the Broncos are entering the easier part of their schedule. Good time to be a Broncos fan isn't it? - Scotty Payne

Gary Kubiak

It was a great day for the Denver Broncos offense, and while Trevor Siemian will be showered with accolades (deservedly so), Gary Kubiak did something very important. He opened up the playbook, and pushed the tempo. The Broncos offense looked explosive, it looked exciting, and it looked like it was capable of carrying the day. Kubiak did a great job calling plays. He let his young quarterback sling the rock. He gave Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas an opportunity to have a major impact on the game. The criticism for the game plan against Indianapolis was warranted. None after the Bengals. He exploited match-ups in the secondary, he stretched the field, he moved the pocket, and he trusted Siemian to execute. It might be the best day Kubiak has had as the Broncos head coach. - Adam Malnati

Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders was the spark the offense needed when it was really needed in the first half. He just flat out comes to play every game. It should surprise no one at this point that he is an elite receiver and shows it almost every game. - Joe Mahoney

Michael Schofield

Broncos fans can be forgiven for recoiling in horror at the mere mention of Schofield. But this season, he's making up for his many shortcomings in 2015 and showing just how versatile he can be. In the first two games of this season, he demonstrated strength on the offensive line at right guard, then right tackle. In Sunday’s game, he briefly took over yet another position, left tackle, when Russell Okung was overcome with a back strain. Schofield proved to be a viable backup swing tackle and again was strong on the O-line at right guard. The Broncos offense may have struggled to run the ball, but he gave Siemian valuable time in the pocket, allowing just two sacks. Will he continue to surprise us? It's looking that way. #MyFirstGameball - Yvonne Hew

Demaryius Thomas

Thomas finished with six catches for 100 yards, but he really didn’t have the greatest game. He had a fumble, which I felt could have been ruled incomplete under the current rules. However, it was this third and eleven “show me something” play that turn his subpar game into one worthy of a game ball.

He was well covered on that 55-yard reception and had to catch the ball against his body with one hand. It was the game-clincher and game ball worthy. - Tim Lynch

Von Miller

Hey, if PFF can give him the sack kudos, I certainly can. I know Shane Ray was the "sack master" Sunday with three on Andy Dalton - and it's a well-deserved honor for Ray - but Miller is the guy who puts so much in motion just by being on the field and doing "that thing he do" to QBs. With four pressures, one hit on the QB and one sack, No.58 is always a force to be reckoned with - and teams are finding out there is no reckoning with Miller. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Shane Ray

We all wondered how the edge rushers would step up without DeMarcus Ware starting. Shane Ray answered the call and shook off an early bad play on the long TD run from the Bengals. He finished the game with three sacks and singlehandedly wrecked a series, Malik Jackson style. When the Bengals went into pass mode late in the game, he and Von Miller were meeting at the QB nearly every snap. Oh, and he played the run nicely for the bulk of the game. We got a little peek into the future, and it looks bright. - Jeff Essary

Zaire Anderson and Shiloh Keo

Sports, especially the NFL, is all about momentum. When teams have it, they're like those characters you played on “NBA Jam.” They’re on fire. They have confidence anything and everything will go their way. Anderson and Keo gave that to the Broncos with the fumble they created and recovered, respectively, on an Adam Jones punt return at the end of the first quarter. It may not seem like a key play, but on the next possession Trevor Siemian hit Emmanuel Sanders on the first deep touchdown of the day. That was the play that gave Siemian, the offense and coaches the belief those plays could happen. It led to a helluva second half and the win. One could make the argument it was made possible by the fumble created and recovered by Anderson and Keo. - Ian St. Clair

Chris Harris Jr.

It was a quiet day at the office for Chris Harris, Jr. That's the sign of a superb cornerback in the NFL. He didn't really pop off the stat sheet or catch the eye of the average NFL fan. Nevertheless, my eyes told me he was playing amazing coverage the whole game and was a significant reason that the aerial attack of the Cincinnati Bengals got grounded on Sunday. We all know the reason he and the No Fly Zone didn't get much action: Dalton and the Bengals wanted no part of them in Week 3. - Sadaraine