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Horse Tracks: Trevor Siemian vs Paxton Lynch patience and perspective

We all get caught up in the hype. Let's take a second today to get some perspective on football, QB controversies, and appreciating our team.

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We hardly understand what that word means in today's world of instant gratification in every form you can pay for.

Want to talk trash loudly and get thumbs up? Hit up your favorite social media site.

Not enough ketchup on your burger? Call up the manager and whine like a baby and get a free sandwich to replace your unsatisfactory meal that you only paid two bucks for in the first place.

Don't want to drive to the store? You can order your new thingymadoodle and have it overnighted for only an extra $24 plus handling.

While I'm sure no one is here for a soapbox discussion about the failures of modern society, let's point this discussion toward what we spend so much of our time here on this blog for: Denver Broncos football.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they know what is best right. this. minute. So we have heated discussions of the wunderkid Trevor Siemian and the young gun waiting in the wings in Paxton Lynch. We get fired up and dismiss all notions that anyone else brings to the table.

How about we all just take a step back and breath for a bit. We want our Denver Broncos to win. We bleed orange and blue. We scream our lungs out on Sundays whether in the stands or on our couches.

Maybe instead of needing to be right right this second we can let Elway, Kubiak, Phillips, and company take the wheel. Because at the end of the day, they are all interested in doing one thing: winning football games one week at a time.

It is echoed all the time from the coaches and players. The writing is on the wall and it has been since Elway got here. Our boy Rodney wrote about this back in 2014 and nothing has changed in so far as the direction of the Denver Broncos. We could write another one today and point to the moves Elway has made this offseason as more direct evidence of what he is doing with this football team.

The Denver Broncos under the management of John Elway did not bring in Peyton Manning, revamp the team to be defense oriented, and continue year after year to make the tough business decisions to let great players go while signing only the guys who were the top in the league or who eat, sleep, and breath Denver Broncos football in order to rest on the laurels of one championship in 2015.

This team is trying to win from now on. Each and every week.

So maybe use that info the next time you want to thump your chest about Lynch being the next Elway or Siemian being a young version of Joe Montana.

It doesn't matter who is what 3 years from now. This is week 4 of the 2016 and we have a football game to win in Tampa Bay. The QB who gives us the best chance to win is going to start while you and I both will be screaming out heads off cheering them on when the game starts. That's all that matters right now.

Give us 5 TDs this week, Siemian.

Or give me 1.

Or put in Lynch and have him look good or bad or in between.

As long as the team plays their butts off and leaves it all out there on the field, we'll have a great chance to come away with a win which is what we're wanting from now on anyway.

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