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Video: Keep perspective on the Denver Broncos quarterback situation

Warning: Foul language contained within this video.

Brandon Perna of That's Good Broncos pumps some brakes on the Denver Broncos quarterback of the future talk with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. It is clearly too early to know anything about anyone.

Trevor Siemian is coming off his best half of football of his short three game career, but as Brandon noted it came right after his worst half of football of his short three game career. Pundits are proclaiming either Siemian as quarterback of the future or Lynch as the future and Perna's point is no one freaking knows the future.

If Siemian keeps playing well and improving and the Broncos do things in the playoffs, then John Elway would be crazy to roll with Lynch with the unknown.

Nice video, Brandon! This only builds on the message our team covered in Horse Tracks today. We all just need to let this play out an enjoy the ride.