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Broncos' Ware back to rare form as Mile High Magic gives home team a boost

What a win. OMG, what an unbelievable win.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Good morning, 1-0 Broncos Country!


What a win. OMG, what an unbelievable win! And even when we seemed to do our best to try and lose it, karma just would not have it.

Whether the football gods had been feeling guilty for all the recent Hall-of-Fame snubs to the Broncos, or they didn't like constant holding of Von Miller off the edge, or they felt a little bad that the Broncos defenders apparently didn't know how to count all the way up to 12, they were on our side last night, showing up just in time to direct that final field goal slightly to the left.

Thank you, football gods, thank you.

Many of you know I was at that game last night, and as such, I am way too tired to put together a coherent Horse Tracks for you.

But as I do not want to let you down completely, I will tell you three things I learned from last night's 21-20 win-by-a-smidge from our heart-attack-inducing Broncos:

1. DeMarcus Ware is still a beast.

The original sack master got the first sack of the night and finished with 1.5 total. Plus he added one tackle for a loss and two QB hurries.

More importantly, his first takedown of the night - and the Broncos' first real disruptive defensive play of the game -  helped change the mood of the defense and put it back on a track toward dominance.

"You taste that blood and you say: ‘Hey, let's go out there. We're able to get pressure on him. We're figuring things out,'" Ware said. "And that second half, we got pressure on him."

2. We are going to be OK. More than OK.

This is not a new sentiment by me, for sure. However, with so many unknowns going into this season, it's downright rewarding to watch a young team with a lot of weight on its shoulders, come out on top. And to do it against one of the best - and a team with revenge on its mind - should not be underestimated.

And although the Broncos squeaked out a win thanks to a little luck and well-timed call for a timeout, they did that against a very solid and well-rounded team with weapons galore - Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen, Luke Kuechly, Kony name him, and the Panthers player is probably not just good but really good (and thankfully, our players were just a little better.)

But if our young quarterback and relatively new offensive line can come from behind in a grinding football game and pull out a victory like that, then we'll be fine.

"To come in here tonight and make the mistakes we made, and survive, it's a really good feeling," coach Gary Kubiak said after the game. "We have a lot of work to do if we are going to be a consistent football team and I know we can be. We're going to go fix those mistakes."

Get your rally caps, Broncos Country,because we a re in for a bumpy but fun ride.

3. Mile High Magic is freakin' real ...

Because how else do you explain that missed field goal?

Don't bring physics into this. That will ruin my point and my fabulously good mood.

No, that missed kick - just moments after Graham Gano had sailed one through to what would have won the game - was a direct result of Mile High Magic, and I will not be convinced otherwise.

And that crowd noise all game??? I have no voice this morning because I was screaming the entire game. And during that last Panthers' drive, the crowd noise was deafening. And so awesome!

OK, Broncos Country, I know you have lots more highlights/things you learned about our team to share - rookie fullbacks scoring touchdowns comes to mind - so now it's your turn!

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