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NFL Playoff Bracket: Denver knocked Oakland out of #2 seed

The AFC playoff standings are now set, with the NFC playoff standings being sorted out with the conclusion of the final game on Sunday Night Football.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With the Denver Broncos 24-6 toppling of the Oakland Raiders, they shook up the AFC playoff standings pretty good. The Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West and that first round bye, while the Raiders are busted down to the 5th seed.

On the NFC side of things, both the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions are in making their Sunday Night Football matchup one for NFC North supremacy and a home playoff game.

AFC Playoff Standings

  1. New England Patriots (14-2)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
  4. Houston Texans (9-7)
  5. Oakland Raiders (12-4)
  6. Miami Dolphins (10-6)

NFC Playoff Standings

  1. Dallas Cowboys (13-3)
  2. Atlanta Falcons (11-5)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1)
  4. Green Bay Packers (9-6)
  5. New York Giants (11-5)
  6. Detroit Lions (9-6)