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Reason #25: MVP of Super Bowl 32

The capstone of Terrell Davis’ Hall of Fame worthiness is the clinic he put on in the games biggest stage with an MVP performance in Super Bowl 32.

Terrell Davis had already made a name for himself over the preceding three regular seasons, but it was that 1997 playoff run, capped by his Super Bowl 32 MVP performance, that put him on the map as the most dominant running back of the time.

He spearheaded the Denver Broncos run-first offensive attack that befuddled and frustrated a Green Bay Packers defense that had been ranked fifth in points allowed in 1997.

What was supposed to be Brett Favre’s back-to-back glory instead became the Terrell Davis show. Despite missing the entire second quarter to a migraine, TD was unstoppable, finishing with 30 carries for 157 yards and three touchdowns to lift the Broncos to an improbable 31-24 victory.

After 38 years of fighting for that first championship, the Broncos finally fought its way to the top largely due to the dominating rushing ability from Davis. If you ask Broncos Country, his election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is long overdue.