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Reason #24: Super Bowl 33 decoy

Terrell Davis was so important to the Denver Broncos that the Atlanta Falcons sold out their game plan in Super Bowl 33 to stop him and still couldn’t.

Super Bowl XXXIII - Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons

The Denver Broncos in 1998 were nearly unstoppable. Starting the season 13-0 with Terrell Davis running amok so much that he was often benched in the second half as the team blew out another opponent. But then in Super Bowl 33, he became more decoy than featured back.

The Atlanta Falcons geared their entire defensive game plan to stop a guy who wasn’t, for the first time all season, going to be the centerpiece of the offensive game plan. Instead, it was John Elway who torched them for 336 yards and nabbed his own Super Bowl MVP.

Even as a decoy, TD racked up 102 yards rushing as the Broncos capped their 14-2 regular season with back-to-back World Championships.

Davis finished the regular season with 2,008 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns, but if you include the playoffs he ended up with an astounding 2,476 yards and 26 touchdowns. The game would cap his amazing playoff run that made him the greatest playoff running back in NFL history.