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Is Wade Phillips being pushed out in Denver?

The mastermind behind the Denver Broncos elite defense that won a Super Bowl could very well be unemployed less than 12 months later.

Denver Broncos Victory Parade Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Gil Whiteley all but confirmed our worst fears today that Wade Phillips is likely out in Denver. From the sound of things, Denver Broncos no longer need his services. This information comes just twelve months removed from that improbable Super Bowl 50 title run, with his defenses finishing first and fourth overall in his two seasons with the team.

From what Whiteley was saying today, the entire Broncos defensive coaching staff has been kept in the dark regarding their future. The new head coach will have full control over who stays and who goes.

If that’s true, it’s an amazing risk from John Elway. Coaching matters in the NFL and these coaches turned a good defense with solid talent under Jack Del Rio into an otherworldly defense that can win Super Bowls on its own.

Even though it appears Phillips is gone in Denver, the rest of the defensive coaching staff is still under contract through 2017.