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Report: Broncos will hire Mike McCoy to be their Offensive Coordinator

Reports indicate that Mike McCoy will be returning to Denver.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

According to KOA News Radio's Brandon Krisztal, he is hearing from a source with knowledge of the situation that the Denver Broncos are set to hire former San Diego Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy as their Offensive Coordinator.

It was reported earlier today that the Broncos would interview Mike McCoy and former Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave for the job on Thursday, but reportedly they already made a decision on who they want leading the Broncos offense in 2017.

This really isn't a surprising move since it was reported a few days ago that Vance Joseph reached out to Mike McCoy about potentially being his Offensive Coordinator if he was hired as the Denver Broncos Head Coach. Well, Vance Joseph was hired today and it looks like McCoy will be returning to Denver for a second stint as the team's Offensive Coordinator.

Mike McCoy was hired back in 2008 to be the Broncos Offensive Coordinator under Josh McDaniels and he got the most out of Kyle Orton during those years. Orton put up career numbers and ranked in the top 10 in passing yards in those two seasons. He then created an offense to accommodate Tim Tebow's skill set and was able to have success and even win a playoff game with that offense. McCoy ended up being the only coach to have success with Tebow. The following year the Broncos signed quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense turned into one of the leagues best units that year.

McCoy proved that he mold his offense into something that Tim Tebow can have success in and into Peyton Manning's offense. That flexibility made him a top Head Coaching candidate and he ended up accepting a job with the rival San Diego Chargers. His time with the Chargers was filled with ups and down and some awful injury luck. Now he will return to Denver and help quarterback's Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch grow into better players and create an offense around both of their strengths.

Rankings of team with Mike McCoy as Offensive Coordinator

Year TEAM Scoring YPP NY/A YPC QBs
2009 DEN 20 15 15 17 Orton, Sims
2010 DEN 19 13 10 24 Orton, Tebow
2011 DEN 25 25 29 6 Orton, Tebow
2012 DEN 2 5 1 25 Manning

McCoy will also have to fix a Broncos offensive line that struggled a bunch last season and try to spark some life into a Broncos rushing attack that has been MIA for quite a few years now. So it will not be an easy task for McCoy, but the Broncos got themselves an established and innovative offensive mind that should be able to get the Broncos offense looking respectable once again.

The Broncos did face some competition for McCoy's services. Newly hired Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott wanted to add McCoy to his offensive staff as well, but it appears as of now that the Broncos won out.

It is not the sexy hire some of us hoped to get, but McCoy has proven to get the most out of his offensive players and I am anxious to see what he draws up for Trevor Siemian and/or Paxton Lynch.