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The Internet trolls the Chargers new logo

The recently renamed Los Angeles Chargers unveiled an updated look which was immediately met with criticism online

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers unveiled a new look to accompany the team as they move to Los Angeles. The logo was met with plenty of criticism and jokes online.

While I’m not typically into rubbing salt in someone’s wounds, this was too irresistible not to share in the fun that the internet was having at a division rival’s expense.

So here’s the new logo. I would share the official unveiling tweet from the Chargers official account, but it has since been removed! As people immediately began pointing out, it is extremely similar to the LA Dodgers logo. Like, really similar.

Which led to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s (NHL team) official account getting involved.

That was the hilarious at first, awkward at the end approach to trolling the Chargers.

These are my two favorites, but here are some more for good measure.

I want to know how she got this made so quickly!

Most Chargers fans felt similar. Our friends over at Bolts from the Blue had this to say:

Welp, the Chargers have officially left San Diego and it appears they're taking their ineptitude with them. In a truly stunning (idiotic) move, the team ditched one of the best logos in professional sports and replaced it with this mess.

Like everything the team does, this just doesn't make any sense. Did any thought go into this logo at all?! I’m going to go with no. I mean really, you can find paint samples with more creativity than this. And if you notice, there is a lack of a certain color that's kind of important to the team. Just add it to the list “things the Chargers have screwed up”, and place it right between Joey Bosa’s contract and Mike McCoy.

Then, the team went into damage control mode.

The internet was relentless.

Emmanuel Sanders’ alma mater even got in on the fun.

So we couldn’t resist.

Sometimes the internet is a beautiful thing.