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Wade Phillips gives Broncos Country a heartfelt goodbye

And Broncos Country will miss you too, Wade!

Denver Broncos Victory Parade Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In a move that wasn’t likely satisfactory on either side, the Denver Broncos had to move on from Wade Phillips in order to keep Joe Woods around, who has been coaching the No Fly Zone since Phillips came aboard.

Phillips is probably one of the most beloved coaching personalities in Broncos Country and his departure has almost universally been met with anger.

The Los Angeles Rams wasted no time in targeting Phillips for the defensive coordinator job and once it became apparent that Vance Joseph would not risk losing Woods, Phillips signed with the Rams.

From there, Wade gave his heartfelt goodbyes to everyone in the Broncos organization and their loyal fans in a way that will only endear him even more with us.

Best of luck, Wade! You’ve got quite a talented defense in Los Angeles and the NFC West better watch out!