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Why is Wade Phillips no longer with the Broncos?

The Afternoon Drive tackled this question on Friday and it was very enlightening.

It’s the question that has popped up on every story on Mile High Report for a week. There is anger. There is sadness. There is disbelief.

Why is Wade Phillips no longer with the Denver Broncos?

Les Shapiro and Mark Kiszla tackled this question on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive. The answer, at least to me, was incredibly enlightening. Kiszla, who is a longtime sports columnist with The Denver Post, said this happened after Super Bowl 50 and John Elway and the Broncos didn’t extend Phillips at that moment. To not reward him for that historic defense, showed us this was coming.

It became apparent to Kiszla as the season progressed that Phillips was hurt Denver didn’t make a bigger commitment to him. Kiszla continued that even if Gary Kubiak came back, he’s not sure Phillips would have.

The reason I’ve felt this came about is because Elway and the Broncos didn’t want to lose Joe Woods. Woods is a rising star in NFL coaching circles, had success where ever he’s been and he coached the No Fly Zone the last two years. Denver doesn’t want to lose Woods.

Whatever the reason Phillips is no longer here, and there are other logical reasons Shapiro and Kiz mention, the defense will remain elite. Woods has been here two years. He knows the players in the locker room but also knows what they do well. The other huge piece in this is the defensive coaching staff will be retained. Bill Kollar and Reggie Herring, to name a few.

Once you get past the anger and shock, you see the Broncos are still in great shape; especially on defense. Just look at what has happened since Vance Joseph became the head coach.

Bonus listen

MHR’s Tim Lynch joined the guys to talk about all the latest going on in Broncos Country.