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Reason #20: Terrell Davis always moved forward

Mile High Report’s push for Terrell Davis to get into the hall of fame continues with a simple look at one of TD’s greatest strengths. Forward, always forward.

Terrell Davis #30

Davis seems to have all the stats to put him in the Hall of Fame. His numbers speak for themselves, but there are hidden attributes to his game that seem to have gone overlooked. In today’s NFL there are stats on all kinds of aspects of the game. If you want to know something about a player, somebody is out there keeping stats on it.

Back in the 1990s, stats were different, so it’s difficult to talk about new age stats like yards after contact, but Terrell Davis excelled at that. Don’t believe it? Ask the Atlanta Falcons, who knew that Davis was always going to move the ball forward in Super Bowl 33.

Watching Davis play was unreal, as he would often get wrapped up, but then had the uncanny ability to move the ball forward a few yards. Think of his touchdown in the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl 32. Green Bay defender riding his back as he fell forward for those extra yards. It was a hallmark of his career.

Yes, Davis was elusive. He could make defenders miss, and spin past tacklers. But when he found himself going down, there was almost alway a final push that moved the pile in a positive direction. Just another reason Terrell Davis is more than Hall of Fame worthy.