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Any chance Philip Rivers ends up in Denver?

Unlikely. But the guys at The Afternoon Drive discuss what that kind of veteran quarterback could - or could not - mean for the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Now that the coaching staff is falling into place for the Denver Broncos, The Afternoon Drive discussed how the team is likely to fall into place for the 2017 season.

And by team, they meant quarterback.

Could Tony Romo become the Broncos’ signal caller?

Will the AFC West’s biggest crybaby end up in Denver rather than move to L.A.?

Inquiring minds must know (or at least discuss it ad nauseam)!

Chad Brown, former Patriots linebacker who hailed from the CU Buffs, said no way to both - especially Philip Rivers coming to the Broncos.

"I just don’t like that deal for Denver," Brown told Les Shapiro and Eric Goodman Tuesday. Brown pointed out that the Chargers will need to take some star power with them to Los Angeles, and as good as Joey Bosa is, he’s no Rivers.

But more importantly, Brown doesn’t see Rivers wanting to be a rented QB for a few years to a team where the defense will be the star.

"He’s been the man in San Diego," Brown said, adding that wouldn’t be the case in Denver where the defense will continue to win the games.

And Romo is a no-go too, Brown believes, because of the veteran’s high cost and fragile body.

Roll with Siemian or Lynch?

So does that mean the Broncos are likely to roll with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch?

"I’ve got to think that way," Brown said. "Both [Romo and Rivers] would want big money, and so much of the reason the Broncos can re-sign guys, keep this defense together and keep two highly paid wide receivers is because they’re not paying big money to the quarterback position."

But if the Broncos give Romo his Dallas Cowboys salary or Rivers what his market will demand, now they’ve "blown the Broncos’ salary cap all out of whack."

"There are too many reasons it just doesn’t fit," Brown said.

Super Bowl contenders?

The more interesting question, however, was asking whether Broncos could be a Super Bowl contender with Siemian and/or Lynch next year - Brown said no. But what if the Broncos added Rivers to the squad - would that increase their chances? Brown said no to that option too.

"Rivers would be an upgrade but not instantly change the Broncos from a playoff team to serious Super Bowl contender," Brown argued, adding that the offensive line still needs major attention. "A quarterback who can release quickly, knows where to go with the ball like Rivers would certainly help account for some deficiencies, but to say the Broncos go to a Super Bowl contender is a step too far for me."

What do you think?

I disagree with Brown on just about all of his opinions this time, except for his point that the Broncos aren’t going to make a move for Romo or Rivers. While there are rumors (remember Kap?) there’s not enough groundswell yet to believe they have any teeth.

But I do disagree that Rivers couldn’t be a missing piece to help this team. I’ve long hated Rivers and loved making fun of him, so it would be a little hard to see him as a Bronco. But having him on our side, working with top receivers and giving our young quarterbacks more time is a decision I could learn to live with. Especially when we finish atop the AFCW and head to the playoffs. I’ll be just fine with Rivers in Orange and Blue then.

And I also disagree that Rivers on the team doesn’t move the Broncos up several notches to potential contenders. For one thing, Brown is forgetting that we were not a playoff team this year and quarterback play was a big part of that. A QB with experience, a good arm and great accuracy throwing to a lot of big offensive weapons would be a welcomed change over this past season.

My final contention with Brown was his point that a team with a "less-than outstanding quarterback but an outstanding defense" can win the Super Bowl.

I don’t disagree with that in principle - after all, it worked for the Broncos in 2015-16 - but this season is a stark reminder how important an exceptional quarterback truly is. In fact, he is often the difference in a game tipping to one team or the other. It’s no surprise that the quarterbacks for the remaining teams include three future Hall-of-Famers and likely this year’s MVP.

Even though there doesn’t appear any likelihood Rivers comes to Denver, it’s worth considering just how important the QB position is to a team being a contender and whether the Broncos already have their Super Bowl-contending quarterback right now or do they need to go shopping?

Enough of what I think...what about you?