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Denver Broncos carry over $7.2 million in salary cap space

The Denver Broncos will have over $38 million in cap space before making a single roster move this offseason.

According to the NFLPA, the Denver Broncos have submitted their salary cap carryover amount for 2017. The carryover amount will be $7.2 million, according to this graphic the NFLPA tweeted today.

Broncos Salary Cap Carryover

According to Spotrac, this should give the Broncos around $38.8 million in total cap space for 2017. With an offense in need of some talent, that will give John Elway some wiggle room to make some moves in free agency.

This amount does not include any potential cap casualties. At the top of the list would be Russell Okung, who could be cut to free up another $10.9 million in cap space with just $800k in dead money.

Whatever they decide to do, Broncos have no big-name, high-dollar free agents of their own to re-sign. That should make this free agency period an exciting one for Broncos fans.