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Reason #16: Terrell Davis had two of the four best playoff runs for a running back in NFL history

The playoff dominance of Terrell Davis has consistently been overlooked by Hall of Fame voters. That needs to end this year.

Terrell Davis Broncos

Thanks to an insightful commenter in yesterday’s post, we discovered another facet of Terrell Davis’ playoff dominance that hasn’t really been discussed. He ranks among the top playoff runs for a running back in NFL History ... twice.

Most rushing yards in one postseason

  1. John Riggins 1982, 610 yards
  2. Terrell Davis 1997, 581 yards
  3. Terrell Davis 1998, 468 yards
  4. Marcus Allen 1983, 466 yards

That’s elite company, considering both Riggins and Allen are Hall of Fame running backs. The lack of recognition for Davis’ playoff runs is a huge sticking point for me personally whenever a Hall of Fame voter throws shade on his career.

Against the best. Terrell Davis was the best. Enough freaking said.

We had to get this list out there early, because Le’Veon Bell could rush his way to the top this season if the Pittsburgh Steelers advance all the way to Super Bowl LI. He already has 337 rushing yards in just two playoff games.