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Horse Tracks: Gary Kubiak, always a Denver Bronco

With a few notable exceptions, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has given as much to the Broncos organization as Gary Kubiak.

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I was four years old when John Elway and Gary Kubiak were drafted to the Denver Broncos. Growing up, the sun sun set in the west, asparagus made your pee smell, and Gary Kubiak backed up John Elway. That was they way it was for eight seasons. When Gary left in 1992, I was to see him go. Then when Mike Shanahan brought him back to Denver in 1995 the Broncos universe was back in alignment.

Two Super Bowl championships later, Gary cemented himself as more than just Elway's backup. He was the mastermind behind the mastermind, Mike Shanahan. Anyone who saw Mike Shanahan's Broncos after Kubiak's departure to the Houston Texans knows that Kubiak was a piece every bit as important as Terrell Davis and John Elway in getting those championships.

So fast forward to 2015. Gary assumes command of a Denver Broncos squad whose lifeless (gutless?) performance eliminated them from the playoffs at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts. Gary stated that he 'was home' and make no mistake, for fans like me who grew up with Kubiak, it felt really good to see him roaming our sideline again. He was home.

Coach Kubiak and his staff wasted no time in bringing another Super Bowl championship to the Mile High City. As the confetti fell on the field, I remember wondering to myself, who better to win this than Gary Kubiak? Is there a more deserving coach in the world?

Here is a man who has given large swaths of his life to Denver football and a man who was instrumental in bringing every Lombardi trophy to the Denver Broncos. Simply put, you can't tell the history of the Denver Broncos without mentioning his name multiple times. The man is a Denver Broncos legend.

Later today, coach Gary Kubiak will step down and the Denver Broncos will find themselves looking to the future without the soft-spoken man with the Texas drawl. I'm going to miss him.


Kubiak is riding off into the orange and blue sunset.

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In other news, the Denver Broncos absolutely crushed the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, knocking them from the #2 seed and a bye to the #5 seed and a wildcard. To fully grasp how big a fall that is, I've enlisted the help of a Sesame Street celebrity to explain.

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So while Broncos fans take glee in spoiling the Raiders playoff seeding, the fact remains that the Raiders are in the playoffs and Denver is not. Take solace in this, my friends, the Raiders aren't going anywhere in the playoffs and everyone knows it.

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Now that the 2016 season is in the books as far as the Broncos are concerned, it's time to look forward to 2017.

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