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Horse Tracks: Some thoughts on terrible playoff games

Could this year's NFL playoffs have been any worse?

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With the Denver Broncos eliminated following their late-season loss against Kansas City, I was kind of looking forward to sitting back and enjoying some stress-free playoff football.

Don't get me wrong, the Peyton Manning era with the Broncos was something I'll never forget. Two AFC Championships and a Super Bowl victory were incredible, but getting there was a stomach churning ride riddled with disappointment and heartache.

Wild Card Weekend yielded four blowouts. While I enjoyed watching the Raiders get creamed, it was at the hands of Brock Osweiler. I understand his situation and would have done the same thing, albeit with a bit more grace. Although the Broncos Super Bowl 50 win wiped away some of the ire I hold toward Seattle, I still wanted them to lose and they failed me, by 20 points. I couldn't have cared less who won the Steelers-Dolphins game. The Giants-Packers matchup should have been a great game, right? Nope, a 25-point butt whooping. Pfffft.

The highlight of this year's playoffs was the Divisional Round. Atlanta sent Richard Sherman and the Seahawks packing following a 16-point loss. Brock Osweiler did what we all knew he would and had an atrocious performance against the Patriots. Hands down, the best playoff game was the Green Bay-Dallas tilt that thoroughly ruined Jerry Jones' day. That's what you deserve for getting a Hall of Fame nod over our own Pat Bolwen. Lastly, while the Pittsburgh-Kansas City game was close, it was a horrible game to watch. Yes, our division rival lost and, for most of Broncos Country, that was good enough. However, watching Pittsburgh win the game kicking 6 field goals isn't fun for anybody.

So fast forward to Sunday's action. By the middle of the third quarter (and that's being generous) both Conference Championship games were over. Against Atlanta, the Packers misplaced their mojo and not even Aaron Rogers could bail them out. In the next game, the Steelers found out that it takes a lot more than a bunch of field goals to beat Bill Belichick. Both the Steelers and the Packers thoroughly embarrassed themselves and, although it stings to miss the playoffs, I am happy that I'm not waking up this morning after being handed such a lopsided loss on international television.

Two weeks from now the Pats and the Dirty Birds face off in Houston. While I, along with most of Broncos Country, will be rooting against a team rather than for a team, I just want a good game. Is that too much to ask?


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