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Can John Elway have a better offseason?

The Afternoon Drive guys critique the GM’s miscalculations for the Broncos offense last offseason and wonder if he can do better at fixing it this time around.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Looking ahead to offseason chess moves to improve the Denver Broncos, there’s a lot of talk about bringing in a veteran quarterback - like Tony Romo - to give the Broncos’ still-outstanding defense a quicker opportunity to get back to the Super Bowl.

But the Broncos are highly unlikely to do that primarily because John Elway is comfortable with the two quarterbacks he has and wants to spend his money on the offensive line - something he tried to improve last year but did not succeed.

"If you bring in a veteran QB, you are stunting the growth of both quarterbacks, particularly the No. 1 draft choice, the first-rounder, the guy you want to get on the field sooner rather than later," said The Afternoon Drive’s Les Shapiro.

So that brought up an interesting discussion and question between the two hosts - Shapiro and Eric Goodman - how much of this past season’s miscues can be pinned on Elway’s poor calculations for improvement on offense via free agency and the draft last year?

And did Elway believe the Broncos could make a run at the Super Bowl given the gambles on offense, or did he always know it was going to be a building year with two young quarterbacks?

"I think John Elway thought he improved the offensive line tremendously by signing two tackles - Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson," Shapiro said. "He miscalculated. John was wrong. Stephenson was not good. Okung mediocre at best."

Shapiro and Goodman agreed Elway did not have a good offseason but disagreed on whether Elway realized that heading into the 2016 season.

"John felt the offense would be better. He felt he was improving the offensive line. He thought by bringing in Devontae Booker and hoping C.J. Anderson stayed healthy, he improved the running game. And he felt Trevor Siemian would be an upgrade over Peyton Manning," Shapiro pointed out. "He felt the offense would be better, and he was hoping the defense would be a semblance of what it was before, so he’d have a more balanced team and could make another run.

"Again, John was wrong."

Goodman argued that Elway’s major miscalculation was not realizing the law of averages would catch up to the Broncos - and all the breaks the team got in 2015 games would not come again.

"The offense had to improve significantly, and the defense could not afford any drop off," Goodman said. "That’s where he miscalculated."

Both believe Elway’s intense focus will definitely be the offensive line this offseason - whether FA or draft - so do you think he’ll have a better offseason this year?