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Reason #10: Terrell Davis played chess in the NFL playoffs, while everyone else played checkers

Against the best and in the most important games, TD was unstoppable. That’s what a hall of famer looks like.

Terrell Davis #30...

Over the last 20 days, we’ve laid out 20 reasons why Terrell Davis needs to get enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... this year. No more delays. No more excuses.

We’ve now reached the point in our series of 30 reasons TD is a hall of famer in 30 days that’s the most important: The top 10. From now until Feb. 3 (the day before the 48-person committee selects the inductees), these are the reasons we feel are the most crucial to Davis’ enshrinement.

We’ve laid out numerous times Davis’ numbers and impact in the playoffs. There’s a reason for that. When you’re the best ever at something, it’s pretty damn vital to the story. And no one is better in the playoffs than the Denver Broncos running back. So, right on cue, the No. 10 reason is his 142.5 rushing yards per game.

Just for impact, here are his total numbers.

Terrell Davis Career Playoff Stats - 8 games total

  • 204 Carries
  • 1,140 Yards
  • 5.60 yards per carry
  • 12 TDs
  • 142.5 yards per game

Now, the conversation ends when you talk about the yards per game. The closest hall of famer on the list is John Riggins with 110.7. Eric Dickerson is the next hall of famer on the list at 103.4. Emmitt Smith is 16th with 93.3. Marcus Allen is 26th at 84.2.

When you dive deeper into the stats, the fact Davis still doesn’t have a bust is even more maddening.

What makes Davis’ numbers more incredible is that they came against some of the most dominant defenses in the NFL. Davis faced an above average defense in all but one of his starts. Five times, he faced a top five defense, where his numbers improved to 145 yards and 1.625 touchdowns per game. Twice he faced the NFL’s No. 1 defense, averaging 150 yards and two touchdowns.

In the most important games and against the best the NFL had to offer, Davis was playing chess while they played checkers.