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A Broncos QB battle is on the horizon

After the stagnation of the Denver Broncos 2016 offense, the new coaching staff will look to speed things up in 2017.

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The big question heading into 2017 will focus on the quarterbacks. Trevor Siemian has an entire season of experience, while Paxton Lynch has been studying and learning. What will the impact of the new coaching staff be on the offense, and which quarterback will become the starter?

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the Mile High Report Radio podcast, it looks like Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave will look to install a simplified offense that moves quickly. The unbearably large playbook employed by Gary Kubiak will give way to uptempo play calling. This seems to give the edge to Paxton Lynch. Lynch spent his college days playing in shotgun style, fast paced offenses.

That doesn’t guarantee anything. Siemian will have every opportunity to keep his job. After his Pro Bowl alternate caliber season, he will be given a chance to keep Lynch on the sidelines for another season. Siemain’s first campaign as a full time starter certainly wasn’t enough to get the job done, but he showed flashes of ability.

On the surface, it seems as if the changes will favor Lynch in the long run. His skill set is likely more suited to play in an quick offense that doesn’t ask the quarterback to remember an entire new language. A simplified playbook will allow him to play more like he did against Tampa Bay, rather than how he played against Jacksonville.

Another aspect favoring Lynch is that John Elway drafted him. Siemian was Kubiak’s project. He and Rick Dennison liked the cerebral play that Siemian could provide. With Kubiak and retirement, and Dennison in Buffalo, it would seem that Siemian’s main supporters have moved on.

Don’t count Siemian out. The Broncos still don’t know what Lynch can bring to the table, and that give Siemian an advantage. He will be able to build on his experience, and he would likely benefit from a simpler playbook, as well. The battle for starting quarterback will be fun to watch moving forward.

And then, of course, there is that Tony Romo rumor floating around.