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No excuses - just rankings for Trevor Siemian

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A full breakdown of Trevor Siemian’s first full season as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He wasn’t half bad in most areas.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

When I tire of the debate, I usually turn to the data. The stats and rankings don’t have an agenda. They don’t care about how awful the offensive line was, how pitiful the running game was or how badly that hang-nail hurt. They just are. People can, and I am sure, will spin them how they choose, but the numbers don’t care about that.

So here are the numbers (rankings) for Trevor Siemian relative to every quarterback in the league who threw 100 or more passes (note that Paxton Lynch did not throw more than 100 passes). There were 39 quarterbacks who threw 100 or more passes this season. Some of the more advanced stats are out of 35 quarterbacks (150 passing attempts minimum).

Siemian's NFL rank
Completions 21
Attempts 22
Comp% 28
AYA 24
NYA 20
Passing Yards 24
Yards/Catch 12
QB Rating 25
YDS/G 19
TD 23
TD% 20
INT 21
INT% 15
Passing 1st downs 24
% of passes for 20 or more 27
% of passes for 40 or more 16
sack rate 21
4QC 7t
GWD 14t
Time to Throw 35
Average Air Distance 6

For those unsure what any of these acronyms mean the definitions can be found at one of these three sites: (Next Gen Stats) - time to throw and Average Air Distance