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Why Brock Olivo is such an intriguing pick for the Broncos

As noted on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, when you dive deeper into the stats you see why Olivo was chosen.

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When it comes to the new coaches Vance Joseph has hired, one brings more intrigue and questions than the others.

That is the Denver Broncos new special teams coordinator Brock Olivo. What we do know about him is he spent the last three seasons working under and learning from one of the best in the NFL in Dave Toub. Over that time, the Kansas City Chiefs have had one of the best and most consistent special teams units in the NFL.

As I pointed out on the latest Mile High Report Radio Podcast, when you look deeper at the stats for those three seasons, you see why Olivo was chosen. You also should feel a ton of excitement.

From his bio on the Chiefs’ website:

With Olivo’s guidance, K Cairo Santos recorded 129 points in the 2015 regular season, and tied for the second-most points by an individual player in a playoff game with 12 points in the Wild Card playoff game in Houston. Additionally P Dustin Colquitt grabbed the top ranking in NFL history for percentage of punts inside the 20 (39.7%) since 1976 with 353.

That last stat is what you should focus on. To win the field position battle like that with the defense the Broncos have would make it even tougher for offenses to have success. To pin teams in their own territory at a consistent clip would be nearly impossible to move the ball for long scoring drives.

Given how well Riley Dixon performed in his rookie season, with Olivo’s tutelage he should get even better. The art of the directional punt, especially inside in the 20-yard line, is a lost art. To get that back in Denver with this defense is a game changer. Our Joe Mahoney did a great job breaking down Dixon’s season and how he compared to the rest of the NFL, including Colquitt with the Chiefs.

A lot of the focus will remain on Denver’s offense, and rightfully so. The additions of Mike McCoy, Bill Musgrave and the others offer a wind of change from the dreadful offense the Broncos have had the last two years. Some attention will go to the defense and new coordinator Joe Woods.

As with the course of a game, don’t forget about the special teams and Olivo. The new coach who brings the most intrigue to the Broncos.