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Reason #9: Terrell Davis averages 30 yards per game more in the playoffs than the next Hall of Famer

The closest running back to Davis’ number of 142.5 is John Riggins at 110.7. Why isn’t TD in the Hall of Fame?

Terrell Davis

When it comes to Terrell Davis, there’s one number that tells his story.

It’s the number that shows without question or hesitation he’s the greatest running back to ever carry a football in the playoffs. I touched on this number in No. 10 of our countdown of the 30 reasons in 30 days that TD needs to get in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

Today, we slam the door on Davis’ induction with the No. 9 reason on our countdown. Of course, the number is 142.5.

For those who missed it, I laid out the defenses Davis got this number against. As I said in that story on Wednesday:

What makes Davis’ numbers more incredible is that they came against some of the most dominant defenses in the NFL. Davis faced an above average defense in all but one of his starts. Five times, he faced a top five defense, where his numbers improved to 145 yards and 1.625 touchdowns per game. Twice he faced the NFL’s No. 1 defense, averaging 150 yards and two touchdowns.

The 142.5 is the highest per-game average in the history of the NFL playoffs when it comes to running backs. Now we take that number and pound it home.

Davis’ number with the Denver Broncos is 30 yards per game more than the 10 best hall of famers. You read that right - 30 yards.

  • John Riggins - 110.7
  • Eric Dickerson - 103.5
  • Emmitt Smith - 93.3
  • Steve Van Buren - 91.3
  • Marcus Allen - 84.2
  • Franco Harris - 81.9
  • Tony Dorsett - 81.4
  • Dutch Clark - 80.0
  • Curtis Martin - 79.5

Again, the fact Davis isn’t already in the Hall of Fame is a sham. This travesty needs to end this year.