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The Broncos road won’t be easier in 2017

Sean Walsh joined Eric Goodman on The Afternoon Drive and examined what happened to the best two divisions in the NFL during the playoffs.

Eric and Sean took an interesting look at what happened in the playoffs to the teams from the best divisions in the NFL. Agreeing to the point that the NFC East and AFC West were the top two divisions in the NFL, it came as a shock that none of the teams were capable of winning a single game in the postseason.

The conversation turns to the needs of the Denver Broncos based on how good the AFC West will be in 2017. Is it too early to start the Christian McCaffery talk? Probably. There is a lot of time to speculate about the draft, but there is no doubt the Denver will have some tough games ahead of them. Kansas City and Oakland (or Las Vegas or whatever) are poised to be good for the next few years.

There are certainly a number of areas that the Broncos need help, and wide receiver, kick/punt returner are needs. McCaffery fills that need.

Bonus Listen:

The Afternoon Drive talks to Nick Ferguson from the Pro Bowl, where Pro Bowl caliber and Pro Bowl alternate caliber players will be this Sunday.