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Reason #7: Terrell Davis’ 2,000 yard season

Every sport has their magic numbers. A special club that only the very best can enter. Terrell Davis belongs to one of those special clubs.

Raiders v Broncos X Davis

1998 in Denver was a magical season. Coming off the first Super Bowl victory in franchise history, hopes were high. A repeat was more than just a possibility, it was an expectation. Another possibility was Davis reaching the holy grail of rushing seasons, 2,000 yards.

Starting in 1995, Davis steadily increased his rushing output every season. In 1997 he rushed for 1,750 yards, and led the Broncos to that first championship. All eyes were on Davis. Could he lead the Broncos back to the promised land? Could he match his previous performance, or even top it?

At the time, there were only 3 other players to have reached the 2,000 yard milestone. O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, and Barry Sanders. There have been 3 more since. None of them has rushed for more than 14 touchdowns. Davis rushed for 21 in 1998. He was also the only player to have rushed for 2,000 yards and won a Super Bowl.

The Broncos started the season 14-0. Davis followed up his Super Bowl MVP with a league MVP. With Davis the Denver Broncos never would have been back to back champions. His 2,000 yard season put him in a special club. Now it is time to make room for him in another special club. The Pro Football Hall of Fame. Without him, the story of the NFL is incomplete.