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The No Bull Season Review: Part 1

A No Bull look at our season taken one quarter of the season at a time as we look back to see what the team accomplished and where they are at heading into 2017.

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

To wrap up the Denver Broncos season, I’m going to break down each quarter of the season, how the games in each 4 game block went, the keys to each game, and what we learned from the quarter.

Panthers 20 - Broncos 21


Denver’s offense looked safe in their first game against the Carolina Panthers. They took what the defense gave them largely. The run game looked decent and we saw enough wrinkles to be hopeful that the team was going to be more balanced overall with a decent enough offense and a potent defense.

The Denver Defense struggled to stop the run some, but still looked like an amazing secondary and impressive pass rush.

From the get go, our return game looked shaky and I even commented on Jordan Norwood looking like an average to below average returner.


  • Run game had some success
  • Our young QB looked like a young QB and had some fairly bad INTs
  • Our secondary and pass rush looked amazing
  • We won the game largely by icing the kicker into a miss

Colts 20 - Broncos 34


The team looked in Week 2 like an force to be reckoned with especially on defense. We got big plays out of Von Miller and Aqib Talib. Our offense didn’t wow anyone, but had a solid outing against the Indianapolis Colts and still left Broncos Country hopeful for our future. We saw some bootlegs wrinkled in and some very nice use of our new fullback Andy Janovich.


  • Run game works well enough
  • Defense was potent with big plays
  • Red zone offense looked very shaky especially from our QB
  • Game was won by a spectacular play by Von Miller

Broncos 29 - Bengals 17


The story of this game was that the Bengals challenged Trevor Siemian to beat them with his arm while their guys played man coverage and he absolutely was up to that challenge. Siemian, Demaryius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders lit up the Cincinnati Bengals with 4 TDs and some really impressive big plays.

The Denver defense was had some ups and downs, but still looked awesome. In this game where the team established a lead, you really got to see how our defense could dominate in that situation and put opponents into really bad positions.


  • Short yardage run game is not working
  • Siemian straight tears up cover-1 man like a boss
  • Our tackles look shaky as heck especially our backup Ty Sambrailo
  • Our interior line on defense has trouble against good running games

Broncos 27 - Buccaneers 7


The Broncos looked very solid in a lop-sided win against a young up and coming Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. They got good production from their receivers and had some decent play from both QBs in this game.

The defense was dominating as the score reflected. This game had Broncos Country pretty darn hopeful for their season and looking forward to more success.


  • The line looked very shaky in this game with pass blocking and run blocking
  • Paxton Lynch looked like a rookie, but you could see the potential in his arm and play with impressive quickness in getting the ball out
  • Our front 7 got contributions all around and from depth guys like Billy Winn and Shaquil Barrett
  • Our secondary was nails in this game allowing only 179 yards and securing 2 INTs

What this first quarter said about the Broncos

The Broncos kicked off the season strong going 4-0. We looked like a team that still had a smothering defense and a young offense finding its way but definitely headed in the right direction.

Our playmakers were the story of the first quarter of the season with big contributions from Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Demaryius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders. The 2016 season looked to be off to a fierce start for the Broncos and as long as we could find a way to improve the offense, it looked likely that we’d cruise to another division title.