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Terrell Davis is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Finalist

Yet again, Terrell Davis is “so close” to being rightfully enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. John Lynch and Brian Dawkins are also among the 15 finalists.

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Team Arrivals Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In what is becoming an annual snub job for Denver Broncos fans, we again will try to get our hopes up that the one of the greatest running backs of all-time gets in based on the merit of his four incredible seasons as the best back in all of football. Not only that, Terrell Davis is still the greatest playoff running back ever.

Davis is joined by two other former Broncos in John Lynch and Brian Dawkins. Though neither are “true Broncos”, both are players Broncos fans look back on with fondness. We’ll root for them to get in as well, but TD needs to get in. It’s a must at this point.

Here are your Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists for 2017:

1. Brian Dawkins, safety (Philadelphia Eagles, 1996-2008; Denver Broncos, 2009-2011)

2. Jason Taylor, defensive end (Miami Dolphins, 1997-2007, '09, 2011; Washington Redskins, 2008; New York Jets, 2010)

3. LaDainian, Tomlinson, running back (San Diego Chargers, 2001-09; New York Jets, 2010-11)

4. Morten Andersen, kicker (New Orleans Saints, 1982-1994; Atlanta Falcons, 1995-2000; 2006-07; New York Giants, 2001; Kansas City Chiefs, 2002-03; Minnesota Vikings, 2004)

5. Don Coryell, coach (St. Louis Cardinals, 1973-77; San Diego Chargers, 1978-1986)

6. Kurt Warner, quarterback (St. Louis Rams, 1998-2003; New York Giants, 2004; Arizona Cardinals, 2005-09)

7. Terrell Davis, running back (Denver Broncos, 1995-2001)

8. Isaac Bruce, wide receiver (Los Angeles Rams, 1994; St. Louis Rams, 1995-2007; San Francisco 49ers, 2008-09)

9. Terrell Owens, wide receiver (San Francisco 49ers, 1996-2003; Philadelphia Eagles, 2004-05; Dallas Cowboys, 2006-08; Buffalo Bills, 2009; Cincinnati Bengals, 2010)

10. Tony Boselli, offensive tackle (Jacksonville Jaguars, 1995-2001; Houston Texans, 2002)

11. Alan Faneca, guard (Pittsburgh Steelers, 1998-2007; New York Jets, 2008-09; Arizona Cardinals, 2010)

12. Joe Jacoby, offensive tackle (Washington Redskins, 1981-1993)

13. Ty Law, cornerback (New England Patriots, 1995-2004; New York Jets, 2005, '08; Kansas City Chiefs, 2006-07; Denver Broncos, 2009)

14. John Lynch, safety (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1993-2003; Denver Broncos, 2004-07)

15. Kevin Mawae, center (Seattle Seahawks, 1994-97; New York Jets, 1998-2005; Tennessee Titans, 2006-09)

The big road block this year is the eligibility of Tomlinson who has both the statistical advantage and longevity advantage over Davis. The only thing Davis trumps Tomlinson on is dominance over that four-year span and his playoff achievements.

Both are worthy, but the voters are often apprehensive putting two players from the same position in.

Who do you think will get in as the final Class of 2017?