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Horse Tracks: Pro Bowl reviled by most, yet watched anyway

This year's Pro Bowl is in the books. Admit it... You watched.

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With the season over and Super Bowl festivities about to get underway, it was time for everybody's favorite event to hate. Some fans get excited.

...and then change their mind.

Others, like me, don't mind it so much. Sure, the effort is terrible, the quarterback play declines the later the game goes on, and the dialed-back rules make it even harder to watch, but it's still football. Kind of.

The cynic says that the game itself should be put out to pasture as a relic from the past. I don't agree. Yesterday's Pro Bowl was fun to watch. The game tightened the later it got and, for a brief moment, appeared that it may get tied up with mere seconds to go. Were it not for a Kirk Cousin's pass that was picked off at the goal line and then lateraled to Aqib Talib, the victory may have been imperiled for the AFC.

Did I cheer? Did I 'oooh' and 'ahhhh?' Was I entertained? Had I had two beers to help make the watered down play more palpable? You betcha!

While many fans out there, sometimes myself included, love to throw shade on the Pro Bowl, most of us watch it anyway. Ratings for the event are consistently higher than the social media tirades against it would lead you to believe.

Now that all football related to current Broncos is over, you can go ahead and say it. It's was nice to see the Broncos logo back on a football field... Even if it was for the Pro Bowl.


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