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Super Bowl odds: Patriots favored by three over Falcons

The New England Patriots are favored by three over the Atlanta Falcons, but Vegas also expects a high scoring affair.

Super Bowl LI will feature two of the best offenses in the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons have the No. 1 scoring offense, the New England Patriots the No. 3 scoring offense. That explains why the over/under is 60 for this game.

After last season, the NFL probably wants a more exciting offensive game. The 2015 Denver Broncos defense completely shut down the No. 1 scoring offense in the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. As exciting as that was for us, most casual fans prefer shootouts.

The Patriots are three-point favorites over the Falcons. So far, most of the playoff games this year have been snoozefest blowouts. A great Super Bowl game would go a long way towards redeeming this years’ playoff season.

Craziest Bet of 2016

There is one fan who will be begging for a Falcons cover on Sunday.

“We took a $5,000 bet at 40-1 on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl,” Jason Simbal, vice president of the gaming company CG Technology, told ESPN.

That is some serious anxiety on the line in this game.