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The No Bull Season Review: Part 2

A No Bull look at our season taken one quarter of the season at a time as we look back to see what the team accomplished and where they are at heading into 2017.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

To wrap up the season, I’m going to break down each quarter of the Denver Broncos season, how the games in each four game block went, the keys to each game, and what we learned from the quarter.

Falcons 23 - Broncos 16


The defense was slightly exposed in this game. The Atlanta Falcons came in running the ball smashmouth right into the right side of Denver’s interior line and had consistent success. They also isolated their very talented RBs on our ILBs and found huge success in the passing game using that.

The offense looked outmatched at the line of scrimmage all game long. Our RT was a complete turnstile and much of our interior line was taken advantage of repeatedly through the game.

The team played inspired in the 4th quarter to make the game look much closer than it was and ended up losing to a very talented Falcon team.


  • Our line again had a poor showing that really hampered the offense
  • Paxton Lynch showed his accuracy needs work
  • The defensive weakness against the run was exploited
  • The defense also was challenged to cover tight ends and RBs down the seams and in the flat and came up on the wrong end of that stick

Broncos 13 - Chargers 21


The San Diego Chargers hopped out early and got a 10-0 lead on us. Our offense looked inept in almost every way early and our defense had us scratching our heads. The Chargers are a team that the Broncos should be putting in a box and whooping on, yet they handily beat Denver in a game that kindled some serious doubt for many of us in Broncos Country on what our season’s future would look like.


  • The play calling really looked suspect in this game
  • Our line was a hot mess again
  • Our defense gave up a lead we never were able to catch up to early
  • 3rd down throws from Trevor Siemian weren’t going to the sticks

Texans 9 - Broncos 27


The fullback Andy Janovich was a big feature of this game from what I saw. He helped get a powerful run game in the books and made our offense look seriously in sync for the first time all year.

Our defense also absolutely dominated a poor offensive team in the Houston Texans. Our pass rush and secondary were just too much for them to handle and once we established a lead, it was really all over but the crying.


  • An active and potent game from the fullback position
  • Mistake free football from our QB
  • An early lead was established
  • Our defense cruised once the lead was there

Chargers 19 - Broncos 27


In spite of a rocky looking outing by our offense, the team pulled out a very big win against a division opponent.


  • Playcalling again looked so poor and predictable with a big lack of run plays being called
  • Our offense was frustrating to watch in this game as we could have easily had another 14 points or so if we just hit on a couple of the big plays attempted
  • Riley Dixon made the punt of his short career flipping the field with an impressive 60+ bomb backed up in his end zone
  • Bradley Roby had the play of the game with a sick pick-6

What this quarter said about the Broncos

Chinks in the armor were starting to form for the Broncos through the 2nd quarter of the season. We dropped 2 games, the offense was looking more like a liability, the defense was starting to get some flaws exposed, and our playcalling was getting more predictable by the week.

Some good pieces were here as well though. With the team missing some really big time players, we saw the likes of Kayvon Webster and Lorenzo Doss step in and play really impressive football. Our offense also was so close to making so many big plays and it really showed how precise the NFL is and how little room there is between big success, and looking mediocre.