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Final Power Rankings-Broncos

The Denver Broncos are considered average and their 9-7 record backs that up.

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Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak announces his retirement at the team's headquarters in Englewood, Colorado., Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The guys behind desks have weighed in. How did we do? NBC’s Florio didn't do a final because he said it didn't matter, he only cared about ranking the playoff teams. Sigh. I agree.

At this point, where we rank will have little to do with this new season because we will have a new offensive coaching staff and a different starting QB. I doubt our 27th worst offense remains. Elway will be laser focused on the offense like he was Defense after SB48. That means I put us heading into 2017 as the number one. The desk guys are wrong.

As an aside, Carolina and us are the exact same in passing yards (20th) and next to each other on defense rankings. That's pretty telling. You can have a top ten defense (them 9, us 10), but if your QB isn't Peyton Manning, being below average isn't going to cut it.

Fox Sports 14

The Denver Broncos defense looked like its vintage self, although they didn’t have to worry about Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (leg) under center.

And backup QB Matt McGloin was also sidelined with an injury for an Oakland squad putting up a mere six points in the 24-6 loss in Denver.

The Broncos are out of the playoff picture. But they at least put a thorn in their AFC West rivals’ seeding chances and set an ominous tone about what Oakland is going to have to deal with in the postseason.

Oh, and cornerback Aqib Talib certainly doesn’t like Raiders wideout Michael Crabtree. That was mildly humorous.

And, of course, we’ll wish the best for retiring head coach Gary Kubiak too.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Chiefs

Yahoo Sports 12

As long as there’s no lingering resentment from the Shanahan family over Mike being fired after the 2008 season, I don’t see any reason why Kyle Shanahan isn’t the Broncos’ next coach. He’s the best realistic candidate (maybe it’s Josh McDaniels, but we all know that is NOT happening in Denver) and the Broncos have the best job opening. Easy.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Chiefs


The Broncos missed the playoffs, but they did so with a winning record in a division with two 12-win teams. The defense is still great (fourth-fewest points per game allowed this season at 18.6) and should draw some strong head-coaching candidates to replace Gary Kubiak.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Steelers

CBS 12

With Gary Kubiak retiring, who is next up as coach? Do they bring in a new quarterback?

Patriots*, Cowboys, Steelers

USA Today 14

Championship-caliber defense should carry over into 2017, but Gary Kubiak's departure only further muddles if offense capable of doing its share.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons

NFL 16

Sad time for the Broncos organization. Swim in league circles for a bit and you will find, oh, approximately zero people who will say anything negative about Broncos head coach -- make that former head coach -- Gary Kubiak. You can't blame him for stepping down, especially when health is the reason. Still, his guys played for him versus the Raiders, beating a division opponent by three scores in a contest that meant nothing in terms of playoff aspirations ... although it clearly meant very much to Kubiak. What are the chances the Broncos would hire Josh McDaniels again? About the same as Peyton Hillis being on the cover of "Madden" again.

SB Nation 20 (yikes)

PFF 15

offense, 26, defense 1