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TD 30-for-30: Thirty reasons Terrell Davis should be in the Hall of Fame - the series

For the third time, Terrell Davis has become a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And for the first time, Mile High Report is going to join the media blitz to help get him in.

Super Bowl XXXII - Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos

Terrell Davis should already be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

We know this.

And we know why.

But unfortunately, the writers voting on this every year have allowed their East Coast bias, their anti-Denver bias, or just their plain anti-intelligence bias to get in the way.

So today marks the beginning of a daunting effort - a 30-part series outlining 30 reasons No. 30 absolutely needs to be in the Hall of Fame (most thanks to your excellent ideas for us a few months ago). One reason a day for 30 days, right up until the night before the vote.

A 30-day series could get tiresome; we realize this. Commenting on the same theme every day will be repetitive. But we’re not doing this to convince ourselves or because it will generate a lot of clicks.

We’re doing this because Terrell Davis deserves this.

TD deserves Broncos fans doing whatever they can to show support for one player among many who is constantly snubbed by sports writers who have no business voting for this honor when they can’t see the obvious.

Terrell Davis is absolutely as worthy as any candidate - and more than most - for the Hall of Fame.

We’re also doing this because the local Denver media continues to fall way short of pushing a guy who pushed his way down field every time he got the ball and is responsible for getting the Broncos past their Super Bowl-losing era.

Getting into the Hall this year will be no small feat as Davis will undoubtedly be compared to LaDanian Tomlinson, whose seven seasons of over 1,000 yards rushing will likely be seen as trumping Davis’ four. But virtually no running back has shown the postseason dominance that TD has, and his four seasons of over 1,000 rushing yards also includes one over 2,000. Plus, it doesn’t even count the games Davis sat out the fourth quarter because the Broncos were dominating.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and getting angry all over again.

We hope you enjoy this effort and comment/rec/share accordingly. One of these years, these sports writers will have to acknowledge and atone for their ignorance - and we look forward to being there to remind them of it.

And then we’ll remind them of Steve Atwater, Randy Gradishar and the rest of the deserving Broncos.

To be continued...